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Valve Type O&M Files Description
GF8080E GF8080E Dual Check Valve.pdf GF8080E O&M
GF8080S6 GF8080S6 Dual Check Valve.pdf GF8080S6 O&M
8200 GF8200 Dual Check Valve.pdf 8200 O&M
GFAVB GFAVB Atmosperic Vacuum Breaker.pdf GFAVB 1/2" O&M
GFAVB GFAVB2 Atmosperic Vacuum Breaker.pdf GFAVB 3/4" - 2" O&M
Check Valves Submersible Pump Check Valves.pdf Check Valve Models 80’S & 100’S O&M
80DI-VFD  80VFD Submersible Pump Check Valves.pdf Check Valve Model 80DI-VFD
80DW 80DW VFD Deep Well Check Valves.pdf Check Valve Model 80DW - Deep Well VFD
70 70 Auto Drain Valves.pdf 70 O&M
Ball Check Ball Check Valves.pdf Ball Check O&M
BPP Back Pressure Pilot Valve.pdf Back Pressure Pilot
Break-Off Plug  Break Off Plugs.pdf Break-Off Plug 
Butterfly Butterflytraining.pdf Butterfly Valve Product Training Presentation
Booster-It® BOOSTER-IT Control Valves.pdf Booster-It® 
C101 C101 Pressure Reducing Valves.pdf C/CF/CA/CFA 101 O&M
C201 C201 Altitude Valves.pdf C/CF/CA/CFA 201 O&M
C301 C301 Back Pressure Valves.pdf C/CF/CA/CFA 301 O&M
C401 C401 Pressure Relief Valves.pdf C/CF/CA/CFA 401 O&M
C501 C501 Control Valves.pdf C/CF/CA/CFA 501 O&M
C601 C601 Control Valves.pdf C/CF/CA/CFA 601 O&M
C701 C701 Control Valves.pdf C/CF/CA/CFA 701 O&M
C901 C901 Control Valves.pdf C/CF/CA/CFA 901 O&M
C1001/CF1001C C1001 Control Valves.pdf C/CF/CA/CFA 1001C O&M
Comboair® Universal Air Release Valve - COMBOAIR.pdf Comboair® 
PRP PRP Control Valves.pdf Pressure Reducing Pilot O&M
BPP BPP Pilot Valves.pdf Back Pressure Pilot O&M
C150E C150E Pressure Reducing Valve.pdf C150E 1/2" - 1-1/4" O&M
C150E C150E2 Pressure Reducing Valve.pdf C150 1-1/2" & 2" O&M
C153S6 CYCLE GARD Control Valve.pdf C153S6 O&M
FC4 FC4 Control Valve.pdf FC4 O&M
Cycle Gard® I CYCLE GARD I Control Valve.pdf Cycle Gard® I  O&M
Cycle Gard® II CYCLE GARD II Control Valve.pdf.pdf Cycle Gard® II O&M
Hydrostat® Hydrostat Control Valves.pdf Hydrostat® O&M
Cycle Gard® IV CYCLE GARD IV Control Valve.pdf Cycle Gard® IV O&M
Cycle Gard® CI-2 CYCLE GARD CI2 Control Valve.pdf Cycle Gard® CI-2 O&M
Foot Valve  Foot Valves.pdf 60SE, 600SE, 63 & 302BT O&M
Maxiair® Air and Vacuum Valve - MAXIAIR.pdf Maxiair®
Miniair® Air Release and Vacuum Valve MINIAIR.pdf Miniair® 
NRS Gate Valve AWWA Gate Valve.pdf NRS Gate Valve 2-1/2" - 12"
888/888R Wafer Check Valves.pdf 888/888R 2" - 10" O&M
888VFD VFD Wafer Check Valves.pdf 888VFD 2" -10" O&M
895 Split Disc Wafer Check Valves.pdf 895 2"-24" O&M
408² 4082 Ball Check Valves.pdf  408² 
402BT/402BTR Globe Style Silent Check Valves.pdf 402BT/402BTR O&M
408 / 408² 408 Ball Check Valves.pdf 408 / 408² Ball Replacement O&M
78 78 Swing Check Valves.pdf 78 2" - 8" O&M
78A 78A Swing Check Valves.pdf 78A 3" - 8" O&M
745 745 Swing Check Valves.pdf 745 2" - 24" O&M
745PI 745I Swing Check Valves.pdf 745PI 2" -24" O&M
745BF 745BF Swing Check Valves.pdf 745BF 2" -24" O&M
92 92 Swing Check Valves.pdf 92 4" & 6" O&M
92LS 90LS Swing Check Valves.pdf 92LS 4" & 6" O&M
92LW 90LW Swing Check Valves.pdf 92LW 4" & 6" O&M
90CS 90CS Swing Check Valves.pdf 90CS 3" & 8" - 30" O&M
93LW  93LW Swing Check Valves.pdf 93LW O&M 
PRP PRP Control Valves.pdf  Pressure Reducing Pilot
Sewair-Combo®  Sewer Air Release Valves.pdf  Sewair-Combo® 
Sewair-Maxi® Air Vacuum Sewer Valves.pdf Sewair-Maxi® 


Sewer Air Mini Release Valves.pdf Sewair-Mini® 
Syalx Sylax Lug Butterfly Valves.pdf Sylax® 2" - 12"
Ward 816 816 Ward Check Valves.pdf 816/816FL O&M
Ward 16 Ward Strainer.pdf 6/16FL O&M
Wellair® Dual Air Deep Well Valves.pdf  Wellair® 
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