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Ductile Iron Check Valves - Standard Systems or Variable Flow Demand (VFD controlled pumps)

Size(s): 2 to 8 in. (50 to 150 mm)


Patented and other patents pending

Pressure Max: 400 PSI
Temp Max: 180°F (80°C)
Ductile iron check valve incorporates grooved lock type pipe connections called Certa-Lok™. Fusion epoxy coated inside and out including poppet assembly, this valve is corrosion resistant and unleaded. High strength ductile iron body with stainless steel spring and NITRILE (Buna-N) seal.

Also available in all 316SS, Model 80S6CLVFD.

To order with a break off plug,add "PLG" to part # and add $100.00 to list price of the valve. For composite plugs add "PPLG" to end of the part # for $75.00 to the list price.

** 3" size require stainless steel retaining ring for horizontal installation add “S” before “VFD” see part number below.



Ductile Iron Check Valve Literature
80 VFD O&M
Ductile Iron Check Valve Literature - Spanish 
Model 80CL VFD Bulletin
VFD Product schedule


2" * 7937CLVFD 2.5 $300.00
2" 7937CLSVFD 2.5 $330.00
3" * 7938CLVFD * 10 $365.00
3" 7938CLSVFD 10 $400.00
4" 7939CLVFD 27 $560.00
5" 4088CLVFD 32 $975.00
6" 4089CLVFD 47 $1,500.00
8" 4090CLVFD 90  $2,400.00
80MDICL Ductile iron check valve uses Certainteed’s patented groove lock type pipe connection on outlet end, and male pipe thread for the inlet connection. Materials are the same as the 80DICL.
2" 7937MCLVFD * 2.5 $300.00
2" 7937MCLSVFD 2.5 $330.00
3" * 7938MCLVFD * 10 $365.00
3" 7938MCLSVFD 10 $378.75
4" 7939MCLVFD 27 $400.00
5" 4088MCLVFD 32 $560.00
6" 4089MCLVFD 47 $1,500.00
8" 4090MCLVFD 90  $2,400.00

* not for horizontal installation. See 7938CLSVFD, 7938MCLSVFD, 7937CLSVFD or 7937MCLSVFD

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