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Nick Farrara Appointed as New President of Flomatic Corporation

Nick Farrara Appointed as New President of Flomatic Corporation
GLENS FALLS, NY, February 17th, 2021  – Flomatic® Corporation, a global valve manufacturer and leader in the water and wastewater industry, is pleased to announce the appointment of Nic
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Nail Down the Facts About Water Hammer

Nail Down the Facts About Water Hammer
Water hammer is a serious threat to the overall health and function of a pipeline system. The more you understand it, the easier it is to avoid.The clunking, thumping and banging sounds of water hamme
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Manufacturer of Valves for Fresh Water and Sewage

Check Valves, Control Valves, Water Valves

Flomatic® Corporation is a diversified valve manufacturer of water valves & waste water valves.

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These high quality water valves are available in a wide range of sizes and materials and are specifically designed for the Municipal, Industrial, Domestic and Irrigation Markets.

Flomatic® Corporation is a company committed to preserving and improving the environment while producing products that meet the most stringent safety and health standards. Flomatic® Corporation introduced the industry’s first unleaded bronze ENVIRO CHECK®, in 1996, which have been recognized as an acceptable material for California Prop 65.

Flomatic® Corporation is dedicated to manufacturing high quality long lasting water valves with unparalleled customer service.

Air Release / Vacuum Valve

Automatic Control Valve

Backflow Preventer

Break Off Plug

Butterfly Valve

Check Valve

Cycle Gard®

Flow Control

Foot Valve

Gate Valve

Plug Valve

Quarter Turn Ball Valve


VFD Valve

Water control valves, actuated solenoid control valves, hydraulic actuators, altitude control valves, flow control valves, hydraulic control valves, pressure reducing valves, pressure relief valves, pump control valves, solenoid actuated control valves
Clean water valves, waste water valves, air release valves clean water, air release valves sewage, vacuum valves, backflush
Altitude control valves, flow control valves, hydraulic control valves, pressure reducing valves, pressure relief valves, pump control valves, solenoid actuated control valves, float valve, surge arrestor
Reduced pressure backflow preventer, backflow prevention devices, double backflow prevention valves, wastewater backflow prevention devices, residential backflow prevention devices, atmospheric vacuum breaker, hose connection vacuum breaker, dual check valve, dual check valve with atmospheric vent
Unleaded ball valves, unleaded valves with tapping, unleaded valves with bronze test cocks, mini ball valve
Break off plug, plastic break off plug
Various dimensions, styles
AWWA butterfly valves, actuated butterfly control valves, wafer butterfly valve, sylax wafer & lug style, actuated butterfly valves, sylax wafer & lug style electric actuated
Global style silent check valves, hydraulic check valves, submersible check valves, ductile iron check valves, swing check valves, wafer check valves, stainless steel check valves, plastic check valves, auto drain check valves
PVC foot valves, bronze foot valves, pedal foot valves, plastic foot valves, foot pedal water valves
Gate valves, flanged gate valves, resilient gate valves, grooved gate valves
The Flomatic® Flo-E-Centric® plug valve seat and plug face provide tight shut off and wear resistance. Special design for minimal contact results in low operating torque. Designed for systems where slurries, grit or solids are present.
VFD pumps, VFD motors, VFD for pumps, VFD pump control, VFD pool pump, VFD well pump, VFD water pump, variable frequency drives for pumps
Various dimensions and styles
Plastic strainer, flanged ductile iron, threaded ductile iron strainers, threaded bronze strainers, threaded stainless steel strainers, flanged stainless steel strainers, unleaded y-strainers
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