Flomatic Valves More than just a Valve Manufacturer

Our Mission

A global leader in the water and wastewater industry, Flomatic produces and delivers high-quality valve products and services with a high degree of environmental consciousness to the total satisfaction of our customers.

Our Values

For nearly 90 years, Flomatic has maintained high and stable levels of economic growth focusing on sustainable development which includes the following vision:

  • Economic: Working alongside our team of dedicated Engineers, we create value for our customers, shareholders, and employees.
  • Environmental: We ensure industry excellence, safety, and environmental protection in every aspect of our organization to improve quality of life.
  • Leadership: Through dedicated research and product development, we are leading in advanced water and wastewater valve technologies.

The Evolution of Flomatic

Originally founded in Hoosick Falls, New York in 1933, Flomatic moved to our current day location of Glens Falls, New York, in 1997. Flomatic expanded internationally in 1975 to gain global exposure in the valve product industry. Soon after in 1979, Bo Andersson, assumed the position of President, leading the organization to new heights of quality, innovation, industrial leadership, and continued success.

Today, Flomatic continues to soar to new heights as a global leader. From high-quality check valves to automatic control valves, we are associated with some of the largest water and wastewater projects in the world. We have expanded operations with a state-of-the-art production plant, research laboratory, and a product offering of high-quality valves built to last to meet your ever-changing needs.

We specialize in manufacturing check valves, foot valves, air/vacuum valves, automatic control valves, gate valves, plug valves, and butterfly valves ranging in size from ¼” through 36″. Our ever-growing and innovative valve product line is covered by 18 patents and nearly 30 trademarks, all to exceed the needs and expectations of our customers in over 40 countries worldwide.