Eco-Conscious Valve Manufacturing

Flomatic Corporation will conduct activities in such a manner to:

  • In compliance with regulatory requirements and voluntary commitments;
  • Prevent pollution;
  • Ensure continuous improvement in processes that have an impact on environmental operations and performances, including those not subject to regulation;
  • Ensure environmental information is available to the public.

Flomatic Life Cycle Perspective

Through design, purchasing, production, and shipping, Flomatic proudly produces environmentally friendly products that meet or exceed industry and mandated requirements.

When specifying special packaging or special shipping instructions, we encourage you to choose materials and a shipping method that will reduce your carbon footprint on the environment. Please, use other environmentally friendly resources, products, and methods, when installing Flomatic valves.

When our valve products have reached the end of their service life, please recycle all materials responsibly. All metals are recyclable. Please consult Flomatic or your distributor if you have any questions about how to recycle our materials.