Flomatic Introduces Model 5400, The Flo-E-Centric Plug Valve


Flomatic Introduces Model 5400, The Flo-E-Centric Plug Valve

November 15th, 2019 Glens Falls, NY – Flomatic is pleased to announce the new Model 5400 Flo-E-Centric® Plug Valve. The Flo-E-Centric® models are energy-efficient round-port E-Centric plug valves designed in compliance with AWWA C517-16.

The body, bonnet, and plug (NBR encapsulated) are constructed of ASTM A536 grade 65-45-12 ductile iron. The body and bonnet are fusion bonded epoxy coated (NSF 61 powder) inside and outside standard. The valve is pressure rated to 200 PSI with ANSI class 150# Flanges (MJ Model 54-3 is rated to 150 PSI). The valve stem is equipped with V-type packing that is self-adjusting and replaceable while the valve is under pressure. In addition, all fasteners and washers are constructed from stainless steel material.

Flomatic® plug valves incorporate a nickel welded seat for long service life and are designed primarily for applications where slurries, solids, or grit are present. They are designed for both on-off function and process control in industrial and municipal applications.  

Flomatic Model 5400 is available in six different configurations in a size range from 2” through 24”. The options are: with a Bare Stem (Model 54-B), 2” Operating Nut (Model 54-4), an MJ plug (Buried Service with Gear Operation, Model 54-3), an Electric Actuator (Model 54-A), with a Gear Box (Direct Mounted Model 54-0), and with standard ISO top-mounting flange (Model 54-6). The 2” size is threaded, and the Mechanical Joint (MJ) version Model 54-3 in a size range 6” thru 24” is rated 150 PSI conforming to ANSI/AWWA C111-A21.11.

Model 5400 Flo-E-Centric® is manufactured under a certified ISO 9001 and 14001 quality and environmental management system at Flomatic’s Manufacturing Plant in Glens Falls, New York.



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