Flomatic Valves News

Flomatic® Corporation Appoints Blake Sargent as Territory Sales Manager

GLENS FALLS, NY  – Flomatic Corporation is pleased to announce the appointment of Blake Sargent as its Southwestern Territory Representative. As Territory Sales Manager for the Southwest territory, Sargent’s responsibilities encompass sales team leadership, development of new partnerships, and contributing to Flomatic’s sales and business strategies. Sargent is responsible for leading Flomatic’s Sales Agents from… Read More

Preventive Measures For Valve Maintenance

Any type of fluid or air system needs correctly placed valves to regulate flow. Without control, systems are either not functioning to their peak performance or not performing at all. To keep control, every system should undergo valve maintenance. Proper valve care is critical to sustain valve functionality and eliminate disruptions that may be extremely… Read More

Butterfly Valve Basics

Butterfly valves are commonly used in a wide range of applications. Chances are if you’re researching valves, you’ve come across the various offerings of butterfly valves. Flomatic is here to help answer all of your questions related to valve basics: What is a Butterfly Valve? Butterfly valves are a family of valves called quarter-turn valves… Read More

ACE22 – Come Visit Flomatic Valves

It’s official, our bags are packed and our booth has officially shipped. The final countdown to ACE22 has begun. We are thrilled to be out in the field supporting AWWA for their first in-person expo since the pandemic started two years ago and this year, there is much to look forward to and celebrate at… Read More

Flomatic Announces The American Iron and Steel (AIS) Compliant MAXIAIR® Model Is Now Available

GLENS FALLS, NY – Flomatic® Valves is pleased to announce the new American Iron and Steel (AIS) compliant Air and Vacuum MAXIAIR® model is now available. Featuring a strong fusion bonded epoxy coated ductile iron body and cover (including internal surfaces) with 316 stainless steel internals this product is designed with the operator in mind for… Read More

Flomatic Celebrates Drinking Water Week

Flomatic is committed to protecting life’s most precious resource – water. Maintaining safe and sustainable drinking water is essential for all. As previously mentioned in our article Why You Should Care About NSF/ANSI 61: water is life. Water is a key factor on a shortlist of necessary resources required to sustain life on this planet…. Read More

Cycle Gard® Valves: Reliable, Consistent, and Excellent Under Pressure

Exploring the Many Benefits of Constant Pressure Pump Control Valves Adequate and dependable water pressure is one of the simplest yet greatest luxuries of the modern-day household. Whether you’re washing dishes, running a sprinkler system, getting the kids ready for the day, or finishing up a load of laundry, the benefits of consistent pressurized water… Read More