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Water Well Maintenance Quick Guide

Preventative maintenance is key to groundwater and well water protection. Inspections and testing of private water systems are imperative to ensure systems are functioning properly to produce safe and healthy water. What can you do as a private well owner? Don’t worry –  we’ve got you covered. Keep in mind the following tips year round… Read More

Selection Guide: Buna, EPDM, Or Viton In Valve Products

Buna, EPDM, Viton® are all similar seal materials but what stands each of these apart? Choosing the right elastomer or polymer material is important for a number of reasons. While it may not seem like a major decision, the material chosen determines the quality, lifespan, and performance of an application. From snapping to peeling to… Read More

Flomatic Announces Completion of NSF61 Flow Regulators, Model Flo-Trol CD900

GLENS FALLS, NY (February 22, 2022) – Flomatic® Valves is pleased to announce the complete product line of stainless steel constructed NSF/ANSI 61 certified automatic Flo-Trol® valves are now available. The most recent additions to Flomatic’s Flo-Trol® flow regulator line includes ⅜ inch through 3-inch models and standard flow range offerings from .19 to 120… Read More

The Importance of Water & Heart Health

As studies have shown clean potable water and heart health are directly linked and reduce the risk of heart failure along with other Cardiovascular Diseases. WATER IS KEY TO HEART HEALTH The need for clean, high-quality water for overall wellness may be obvious but the list of diseases associated with contaminated water is long. Illnesses… Read More

New AIS Compliant Flo-Flex® Foot Valve Model 345

GLENS FALLS, NY (January 28, 2022) – Flomatic Valves is proud to introduce our latest model of American Iron and Steel (AIS) compliant foot valve flapper style swing check valve: the Flo-Flex® Model 345. Ensuring years of quality and reliability, the AIS complaint Flo-Flex® Model 345 is designed to meet the needs of demanding industrial and… Read More

Cast Iron, Ductile Iron, Bronze and Stainless Steel Valves: What’s The Difference?

Not all valves are built the same and there’s good reason for that. Knowing a few basic facts about the different materials will ultimately have long-term effects on your application’s capabilities. Cast iron, ductile iron, bronze and stainless steel are all similar metals but what stands each of these apart? We’ll assist you in choosing… Read More

Why You Should Care About NSF/ANSI 61

Water is life. It’s as simple as that. Water is a key factor on a shortlist of necessary resources required to sustain life on this planet. As important as it is that we intake water, the quality we consume is equally as critical. Contaminated drinking water can result in adverse health effects including gastrointestinal illnesses,… Read More

National Preparedness Month

Preparing For Tomorrow Starts Today As we embark into the Autumn season, folks nationwide are bracing themselves for winter and preparing for colder months down the road. Yearly, September serves as National Preparedness Month — a time period encouraging Americans to think ahead and plan for disasters or emergencies. Connected to the theme this year,… Read More

Nail Down The Facts About Water Hammer

Water hammer is a serious threat to the overall health and function of a pipeline system. The more you understand it, the easier it is to avoid. The clunking, thumping and banging sounds of water hammer in a pipeline system are not only annoying, but can very often be a sound that indicates costly repairs… Read More

How To Choose The Right Size Air Release Valve

One size-fits-all is not a good way of thinking when it comes to selecting air and vacuum valves and air release valves. In fact, choosing the wrong size valve can negate the purpose of a release valve completely. Air valves are hydro-mechanical valves designed to automatically release or admit air during the filling or draining… Read More