SIZE RANGE: 1 - 4 inch (25 mm - 100 mm) MAX TEMP: 150°F (65°C) MAX PRESSURE: 150 PSI*

COMBOAIR® - Cast iron body-stainless steel trim. Combines features of Miniair® and Maxiair® in one housing.

Inlet Pressure MIN: 20 PSI*
Inlet Pressure MAX: 150 PSI*

NSF ANSI 61 certified.

All Air Release, Air & Vacuum and Universal Combination Valves meet or exceed ANSI/AWWA C512 standards.

Warranty: 1 Year

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COMBOAIR® Literature

Sizes and Prices

Part Number Size Weight Spring Range Stainless Steel
List Price
Carbon Steel
List Price
Case Qty Style Plug Size Cracking Pressure By Pass Outlet Inlet Part #
Part #
Flanged 150
List Price
6540 1" 27 1" $942
6541 2" 72 2" $1,646
6542 3" 111 3" $3,691
6543*  4" 163 4" $5,385

Valves are painted with TNEMEC red. Consult factory for fusion bonded epoxy coated option.

Consult factory for full line of sizes available. 

* Flanged inlet by NPT outlet