Hydraulic Control Valve

Hydraulic Check Valve

Hydraulic check valve for flow control open and close at controlled, adjustable speeds to provide for smooth operation and reduce pressure surges associated with conventional check valves.

When the upstream (inlet) pressure is greater than the downstream (outlet) pressure, the hydraulic control valve moves to the open position at a controlled speed by exhausting control water from above the diaphragm to the downstream side through an adjustable needle valve. When the upstream pressure becomes less than the downstream pressure, the hydraulic control valve closes to prevent reverse flow at a controlled speed by introducing control water above the diaphragm from the downstream side through a second needle valve.

C1001 / CF1001
C1001 / CF1001
Control Valves
Size(s): 1 1/4 to 36 in. (40 to 900 mm)
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