Pump Valve

Pump Control Valve

A pump control valve automatically regulates the pump start-up and shut-down in a time controlled to minimize system hydraulic surges. The pump control valve is electrically interfaced with the pump motor, the Pump Control Valve “opens” and “closes” at an adjustable speed, providing a smooth, predictable transition of pump discharge flow into the system. Several options are available including “Check Feature” preventing backflow.

Pump Valves

Flomatic® Corporation offers the Cycle Gard CL series CIN101 a single chamber pilot operated constant pressure pump control valve. This pump control valve automatically adjusts to provide constant pressure at different flows and works with any pump. This simple mechanical device saves electricity, eliminates water hammer and extends the service life of the pump while providing a constant pressure regardless of water flow. The field adjustable external by-pass provides full control of the tank fill rate for adjustable run time of the pump.

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C611 - BOOSTER PUMP CONTROL VALVE C611 - BOOSTER PUMP CONTROL VALVE 3 to 36 inch (40 to 900 mm) Submit RFQ
C621 - DEEP WELL PUMP CONTROL VALVE C621 - DEEP WELL PUMP CONTROL VALVE 3 - 36 inch (40 mm - 900 mm) Submit RFQ