Composite Break Off Plugs

SIZE RANGE: 2 1/2 - 8 inch (65 mm - 200 mm) MAX TEMP: 180°F (80°C) MAX PRESSURE: 600 PSI

COMPOSITE BREAK-OFF PLUG - Threaded ⅜" to install into valve. When broken off, riser pipe drains.


Warranty: 1 Year

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$2,000 NET FFA


Composite Break Off Plugs

Composite Break Off Plugs Specifications

Composite Break Off Plugs CAD

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Sizes and Prices

Part Number Size Weight Spring Range Stainless Steel
List Price
Carbon Steel
List Price
Case Qty Style Plug Size Cracking Pressure By Pass Outlet Inlet Part #
Part #
Flanged 150
List Price
76098P 2 1/2" - 6" 3/8" $30.49

Note: One size fits all Break-Off Plug. Designed for 6" valves and marked where to cut for smaller sizes (2 1/2", 3", or 4")