Ball Check Valve

Flomatic® Corporation is a global manufacturer and distributor of Ball Check Valves.

A Ball Check Valve is a simple and reliable valve with the only moving part to block the reverse flow, is a spherical ball. The full-ported valve seat is uniquely designed allowing the ball to seat leak-tight without getting wedge into the valve seat. For vacuum or anti-flooding valve application, a "floating" rather than "sinking" ball is used. Due to its simple flow efficient and virtually maintenance-free design the valve is commonly specified and used in submersible wastewater lift stations.

Ball Check Valves

Ball check valves contain a ball that sits on the seat, which has only one through-hole. The ball has a slightly larger diameter than that of the through-hole (seat). When the pressure behind the seat exceeds that above the ball, liquid is allowed to flow through the valve. But once the pressure above the ball exceeds the pressure below the seat, the ball returns to rest in the seat, forming a seal that prevents backflow. The ball moves up and down inside the valve depending on the flow and seals against the machined seat when no flow or reverse flow occurs and seals against the seat to stop the reverse flow. Flomatic® offers ball check valves that have Buna-N lined ball as standard and with corrosion-resistant phenolic balls for abrasive media. Ball check valves are typically preferred for use in pumping stations as they are self-cleaning as the ball rotates during the operation and are vertically maintenance-free. If a ball check makes noise it is typically due to insufficient pump capacity or water hammer issues.

408 & 408² 408 & 408² 3 - 14 inch (80 mm - 350 mm) Submit RFQ
408²S6 408²S6 3 - 8 inch (80 mm - 200 mm) Submit RFQ
208 208 1 1/4 - 2 inch (32 mm - 50 mm) Submit RFQ
508 508 1 - 4 inch (25 mm - 100 mm) Submit RFQ
508S6 508S6 1-1/4 - 2 inch (32 mm - 50 mm) Submit RFQ
208T/S 208T/S 1-1/4 - 2 inch (32 mm - 50 mm) Submit RFQ