SIZE RANGE: 2 - 8 inch (50 mm - 200 mm) MAX TEMP: 180°F (80°C) MAX PRESSURE: 400 PSI

80DIMCLVFD - Ductile iron check valve incorporates grooved locking Certa-Lok® pipe connections. Fusion epoxy coated inside and out including poppet assembly, this valve is corrosion resistant and unleaded. High strength ductile iron body with stainless steel spring and NITRILE (Buna-N) seal.

Temp Max: 180°F (80°C)
Pressure Max: 400 PSI


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$2,000 NET FFA



80MDICLVFD Manuals


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Sizes and Prices

Part Number Size Weight Spring Range Stainless Steel
List Price
Carbon Steel
List Price
Case Qty Style Plug Size Cracking Pressure By Pass Outlet Inlet Part #
Part #
Flanged 150
List Price
7937MCLVFD 2" 4 $421
7937MCLSVFD 2" 4 $461
7938MCLVFD 3" 10 $559
7938MCLSVFD 3" 10 $622
7939MCLVFD 4" 27 $842
4088MCLVFD 5" 32 $1,430
4089MCLVFD 6" 47 $2,096
4090MCLVFD 8" 90 $3,353

To Order Break-Off, Add "PLG" To The End Of The Part Number And Add $100 To List Price.  Add "PPLG" To The End Of The Part Number And Add $75 To List Price For Composite Plug.

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Patent Number 9,032,992B2