SIZE RANGE: 2 1/2 - 6 inch (65 mm - 150 mm) MAX TEMP: 180°F (80°C) MAX PRESSURE: 400 PSI

82DP - Dual purpose compact ductile iron reduced ported check valve with female and male threads on both ends. High strength ductile iron body and poppet, with stainless steel spring and fasteners. Designed to fit into tight-fitting wells.


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$2,000 NET FFA



Sizes and Prices

Part Number Size Weight Spring Range Stainless Steel
List Price
Carbon Steel
List Price
Case Qty Style Plug Size Cracking Pressure By Pass Outlet Inlet Part #
Part #
Flanged 150
List Price
4094DP*  2 1/2" F x 3" M 7 $402.00
4095DP 3" F x 4" M 10 $508.00
4096DP 4" F x 5" M 25 $935.00
4097DP 5" F x 6" M 51 $1,428.00

Same Valve As 82, Extra Female (Internal) Threads 

Note: Restricted Flow, Reduced Ported, See VFD Model For Full Ported, High Flow Design

* unleaded bronze poppet