Swing Check Valves

A swing check valve has typically a globe style valve body with a hinged valve disc, to block reverse flow. The valve seat is typically full-ported in an angled our straight thru. Flomatic® offer several different type of swing check valves for water and wastewater applications.

Swing Check Valve

Swing check valves are normally recommended for water and wastewater systems applications because of the simple construction, low pressure drop across the valve, and field serviceability.

Swing check valves are available in either metal-to-metal seat or resilient seating. Resilient seated swing check valves are usually recommended for wastewater or services where dirt or other particles may be present in the fluid and positive shutoff is required.

Typically a swing check valve operation depends on gravity (weight of disc) and reverse flow. The pivot point of the swing check is outside the periphery of the disc and, the greater the flow velocity and head pressure possibility the greater the valve closing force. To prevent the slamming of the disc and reducing hydraulic shocks external hinge arm is available with either a lever weight or an adjustable spring.

745 745 2 - 24 inch (50 mm - 600 mm) Submit RFQ
745BF (745 WITH BACKFLUSH) 745BF (745 WITH BACKFLUSH) 2 - 24 inch (50 mm - 600 mm) Submit RFQ
745PI (745 WITH POSITION INDICATOR) 745PI (745 WITH POSITION INDICATOR) 3 - 24 inch (80 mm - 600 mm) Submit RFQ
745SC (WITH SURGE-STOPPER®) 745SC (WITH SURGE-STOPPER®) 3 - 6 inch (80 mm - 152 mm) Submit RFQ
78 78 2 1/2 - 8 inch (65 mm - 200 mm ) Submit RFQ
78A 78A 3 - 12 inch (80 mm - 300 mm) Submit RFQ
90LS/92LS 90LS/92LS 2 - 30 inch Submit RFQ
90LW/92LW 90LW/92LW 2 - 30 inch Submit RFQ
90CS/92CS 90CS/92CS 2 - 30 inch Submit RFQ
93LW 93LW 2 - 10 inch (50 mm - 250 mm) Submit RFQ