Flomatic® Introduces 8-Inch AIS Compliant Model 408S6 Stainless Steel Ball Check Valve

GLENS FALLS, NY – Flomatic® Valves is proud to announce the Model 408S6 ball check valve is now available in a full 316 stainless steel 8″ design. A proven favorite in the wastewater industry for decades, Flomatic’s Model 408S6 ball check valves are American Iron and Steel (AIS) compliant and designed according to AWWA C508 standard lay lengths.

“We are proud to support the recently passed Infrastructure Law and the nationwide investment involving the construction, alteration, maintenance and repair of public water systems” said Nick Farrara, President of Flomatic Valves. “Flomatic® Valves offers one of the most complete lines of ball check valves that are AIS compliant and we continue to invest in American-made valve solutions.”

Flomatic’s ball check valves are anti-roping and self-cleaning with no sharp edges or snag points which helps to prevent clogging from non-flushable wipes and other non-degradable sanitary products. They have been proven in wastewater lift stations for decades with a simple and reliable design.

This design is virtually maintenance free with features that include a clean-out cover – providing easy access to the inside of the valve without removal of the valve from the pipeline – a Nitrile (Buna-N) covered metal sinking ball and corrosion resistant stainless steel fasteners. The Model 408S6 ball check valve also includes heavy duty bosses to accommodate NPT tappings for additional optional components.

There are no moving parts except for the Buna-N vulcanized metal ball which moves out of the flow path resulting in reduced head loss and longer service life. Floating balls are also available for flood control or air vent applications.