From Humble Beginnings to Manufacturing Mastery: Flomatic’s Journey of Innovation & Leadership Since 1933

On April 4, 2023, we proudly celebrate our 90th year providing innovative solutions for the water and wastewater industry worldwide. Located 50 miles north of Albany, New York at the foothills of the Adirondack Mountains, Flomatic is situated at the heart of hometown USA in Glens Falls, New York overlooking the northern end of the Hudson River.

A Legacy of American-Made Excellence in Water & Wastewater Industry

Setting the bar high for innovation and manufacturing leadership since 1933, Flomatic’s American-made story begins in the small Upstate New York town of Hoosick Falls with just three employees. In 1962 Flomatic initiated a modernization effort at the company and the main focus shifted to producing domestic water well valves and accessories. Prior to this, the corporation primarily manufactured check valves and regulators. Growing significantly and strengthening our wide variety of water & wastewater offerings throughout the decades, we moved to our current larger facility in Glens Falls in 1996.

Now, with nearly all of Flomatic’s employees living within a short 50 mile radius of our facility, we pride ourselves on being a close knit family of industrial pioneers who value high quality service not only to each other but our customers first and foremost. We continue to focus on customer service, high quality products, and integrity. In recent years, Flomatic expanded its manufacturing capacity with a 20,000 square-foot building addition. This building extension included new manufacturing space, a new test laboratory featuring a 11,000-gallon tank for demonstrations, among other high end renovations to enable the production of larger valves and expedite customer orders.

“Flomatic has come a long way since its inception in 1933,” said Nick Farrara, President of Flomatic Valves.  “As we commemorate our 90th year, we are thrilled to honor our past and embrace our future. This 90th year milestone reaffirms our unwavering dedication and commitment to our customers, employees, partners, and the local community.”

Providing Solutions for Water and Wastewater Industry Worldwide with a Commitment to Environmental Responsibility

From the heartland of rural America to large municipal water valves coast to coast, Flomatic’s valves are used in a number of projects for the water and wastewater industry in major cities such as Boston, Orlando, New York City, to the City of Los Angeles. Flomatic also has a strong international customer base with customers throughout Canada, Latin America, South America, and beyond. We take great pride in our commitment to protecting the environment and promoting transparency. By adhering to rigorous International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 14001 standards, its manufacturing facility has earned an honorable reputation within the local community to help keep its carbon footprint small. Flomatic has established a strong credibility by complying with international regulatory requirements to help prevent pollution and provide access to environmental information.

“Our partnerships with the community are strong, and we are continually working to strengthen our relationships with local municipalities,” said Mark Girard, Plant Manager. “We are honored to also take part in local annual clean-up initiatives to minimize our product waste, which helps reduce our environmental footprint and promotes the health and well-being of our employees, partners, and community.”

Building a Legacy of Quality and Community: Flomatic’s Passion for Valves, People, and Impact

At our core, we are a community of passionate individuals who strive to make a positive impact through the valves it manufactures and the communities we support. Our commitment to delivering high-quality valves built to last reflects the very essence of who we are – dedicated, committed and adaptive to change. Ultimately, Flomatic is proud to recognize its traditions, its core values, and its remarkable people who have continued to make its success possible for 90 years.