Model 745 Flo-Flex® Series Update

Swing Check AWWA C508

The new 745 Flo-Flex Series® design features a reduced valve body and cover wall thickness, which results in a lighter-weight valve. This makes it easier to lift and maneuver during installation, and it also reduces the risk of damage during shipping and handling. The new revised version is available in sizes 2” through 12”. 

The valve body and cover wall thickness have been reduced to take full advantage of the strength and benefits of ductile iron material. The final assembled weight is reduced in comparison to the previous version, which was also made of ductile iron. Both the body and cover are supplied with an epoxy coating.

The valve cover contains 2 cast bosses: one is drilled and tapped. The new body design still retains the drain plug feature on the bottom, which is only utilized for backflush devices on sizes 2” & 2-1/2”.

The designs of both the flapper and cover gasket have been slightly altered from the current design, and they are not interchangeable. The lay length, flange diameter, flange thickness, and flange bolt hole pattern all adhere to the required AWWA C508 and ASTM Class 150 standards, and they are the same as the current models. Minor dimensional changes were made in the distance from the centerline to the top of the valve cover.