Butterfly Valves Cross Reference Guide

Flanged Butterfly Valves – AWWA C504

Butterfly Valves - Flanged - Cross Reference Chart

TypeFlomaticDeZurikHenry PrattM & H KennedyVal-MaticMuellerSPX K-FlowClow
Flanged AWWA 504AZURE Model 45BAW2FII4500 & 1450BFV Series 2000LinesealSeries 500F 5369


Butterfly Valves – Wafer and Lug Style

Butterfly Valves - Wafer & Lug type - Cross Reference Chart

TypeFlomaticWATTSGrinnellConbracoCraneCenterlineMilwaukeeNIBCOMueller SteamStockhamHammondBray
Wafer Ductile DiscSylax 3DBF 04-111WC 8201-6130-C42-FXZ-TLA1021052MW222EWD 3010-351-ANI-61LG512-DS46101-0130
Wafer Stainless Steel DiscSylax 3DBF04-131WC130-S42-SSZ-TLA1044052MW224EWD 3022-351-AHH-61LG512-SS16121-01-
Full Lug Ductile IronSylax 3DBF 03-111LC8201-6132-C44-FXZ-TLB102ML222LD3010-352-ANI-61LG712-DS46201-0131
Full Lug Stainless SteelSylax 3DBF 03-131LC8271-7132-S-B104ML224LD3022-352-AHH-61LG712-SS16220-01-


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