Ward Y Strainers

Range of Sizes from 1/4″ to 2″ – Range of Connections

Y strainer flow diagram
Applications: Chemical – Petrochemical, Power Pharmaceutical, Pulp & Paper, Water/Waste Water Treatment, Mining – De-salinization – Irrigation, Refrigeration – Agriculture – H.V.A.C., Marine – Oil Products – Beverage

Special features generate the Ward Strainer’s top quality performance. Its “Y” pattern design keeps fluids flowing with minimal obstruction. As fluid flows into the strainer (A), contaminants are strained out and collected on the screen (B) near the release (C). The Teflon® body seal (D) is available with graphite for higher temperatures. Contaminant-free fluid flows out of the strainer’s other end. The stainless steel screens (B) come in a variety of mesh sizes.

Surpassing Industry Standards: ASME B16.34; 600 class.

High Temperature Options: Teflon® cap seals with optional graphite for higher temperatures.

Top-Entry Design: In-line maintenance is easy; remove the threaded cap, examine the strainer and, if screen or seal is damaged, replace it without any special tools.

Superior Flow Characteristics: “Y” pattern design keeps fluids flowing with minimal obstruction.

Easy Mounting: Hex pipe ends provide easy installation, as do optional Unibody flanged ends.

Aesthetics: High quality investment cast bodies make the Ward Strainer the best you can buy.

Multiple Material Options: Material options include Alloy-20, CN7M, Monel, M-35-1, Hastelloy C and CW12MW.

Stainless 316 Screens: The Ward Strainer stainless 316 screens come in a variety of mesh counts: 20, 40, 60, 80, 100.

Easy Maintenance: The Ward Strainer features a blow-off port for clean out.

Installing a strainer before valves and instrumentation can save you costly maintenance and repair. When you team up your Ward Strainers with Ward’s soft-seated check valves (or ball valves from other manufacturers), you’ll eliminate damaging contaminants. Ward “Y” Strainers are available in a variety of materials and a full range of end connections to accommodate many different services. The “Y” pattern design keeps fluids flowing with minimal obstruction. A Teflon® cap seal with optional graphite for higher temperatures prevents leakage. Finally, maintenance is easy with Ward Strainers, which feature a blow-off outlet for self-cleaning.

Y Strainer pressure temperature ratings


Strainer Size
CV Rating


Ward in-line Strainer ASME 600 lb. class. Materials CF3M, 316SS with 316SS screens. Replaceable screens. Size 1/4″ through 2″.


Threaded EndsFNTP to B1-20-1
Socket Weld EndsB16.11
Max. Pressure1440 psi
Max. Temperature800ºF
Flanged End150 lb. class
ASMEB16.34, B16.5, B16.10
Size1″ through 2″
Pressure Rating at 100ºF:
StainlessCF8M 275 psi


PIPED ENDS (1/4″ – 2″)

Threaded, Socket-Welded, and Flanged End 150#Class. Threaded ends comply to ASME BI-20.3; weld ends come standard in SCH.40. Optional schedules 5 & 10.
Y strainer piped ends diagram


ANSI 150# Class Flanged End Strainer complies to ASME B16-34, B16-5, and B16-10.
Y strainer flanged ends diagram