Air Release and Air Vacuum Valves Cross Reference Guide

Air/Vacuum Valves  (Clean Water)

Air Release - Clean water - Cross Reference Chart

Inlet & OutletFlomaticAPCOValmaticCrispin
1/2" NPT threaded6560 Wellair Deep Well141 WDT100DWS-TDD5
1" NPT threaded6561 Wellair Deep Well142 WDT100 DWS-TDDL10
2" NPT threaded6562 Wellair Deep Well144 WDT102 DWS-TDDL20
3" NPT threaded6563 Wellair Deep Well146 WDT103 DWS-TDDL30
1/2" NPT threaded6520 Maxiair141100A5
1" NPT threaded6521 Maxiair142101AL10
2" NPT threaded6522 Maxiair144102AL20
3" NPT threaded6523 Maxiair146103AL30
4" NPT threaded6524 Maxiair152104AL40
3/8" NPT threaded6500 Miniair--M3
1/2" NPT threaded6501 Miniair5015A.2 & 22M5
3/4" NPT threaded6502 Miniair6515A.2 , 22 & 25M8
1" NPT threaded6503 Miniair200A.1 & 200A15A.3 & 38M10
2" NPT threaded6504 Miniair200.1 & 200.245PL20
1" NPT threaded6540 Comboair143C201CUL10
2" NPT threaded6541 Comboair145C202CUL20
3" NPT threaded6542 Comboair147C203CUL30
4" NPT threaded6543 Comboair149C-UL 40


Air/Vacuum Valves  (Waste Water)

Air Release - Sewage - Cross Reference Chart

Inlet & OutletFlomaticAPCOValmaticCrispin
2" NPT & 1" NPT6620 Sewair-Maxi401301SL20A
2" NPT & 2" NPT6621 Sewair-Maxi402302SL20A
3" NPT & 3" NPT6622 Sewair-Maxi403303SL30A
2" NPT & 2" NPT6600 Sewair-Mini40048SL20
3" NPT & 3" NPT6601 Sewair-Mini40048SL30
2" NPT & 1" NPT6650 Sewair-Combo443 SCAV801ASL20A
2" NPT & 2" NPT6651 Sewair-Combo445 SCAV802ASL20A
3" NPT & 3" NPT6652 Sewair-Combo447 SCAV803ASL30A


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